too much negative caster

Caster effects don’t just exist on cars. Toe is … taller sidewalls are gunna flex more, no? for the rears 1-2 degrees is great. in my BMW 330I I had -2 camber in front and -2.5 in the rear, this is the stock setting, it means you only get 20K miles from the tires. Too much caster indicates that the vehicle’s rear is lower than the recommended vehicle height which causes the front suspension to shift to a more positive caster. Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the front tyres as viewed from the front of the vehicle. When getting a wheel alignment, what should camber be set to for performance driving? For example, pay attention to the wheels on the shopping cart at your local supermarket. Too much positive camber causes premature tire wear on the outside of the tire while too much negative camber causes wear on the inside of the tire. Negative caster requires less steering effort but can cause the car to wander down the straightaway. 0 or Negative camber is almost always desired. When there is a negative caster set, the steering axis slants in back of the vertical axis toward the front of the vehicle. Caster is the tilting of the uppermost point of the steering axis either forward or backward when viewed from the side of the vehicle. Running too much positive caster can cause some issues due to the weight jacking effects and the negative camber gains that caster produces. Negative caster results in lighter and easier steering but reduced stability when driving in a straight line. This causes the car to roll to the left, during the right turn. Camber Kit – Usually 3.5 degrees of camber up front on any track car is perfect, even if you drive on the road. acr can corrner at >1G? It’s genuinely the in-between for negative and positive caster in just about every way. – Roadkill Episode 16, Ayrton Senna: Where The Legend Started – XCAR, Too Much Negative Camber – Wheel Alignment, Introduction to Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems. If the caster is out on these cars, it indicates that something is worn or bent, possibly from an accident, and must be repaired or replaced. A slight amount of negative camber can increase the amount of lateral grip a car has at the limit, though too much negative camber can result in uneven tire wear, reduced grip, and premature tire failure. An example of caster in action is the front wheels on a shopping cart. Too much negative camber (wheels tilt inwards) causes tread and tire wear on the inside edge of the tire. Keep in mind that changing the caster angle will often change the camber angle in the front tyres as well. Negative camber is seen when the top end of a car's wheel is pointed in towards the center of the car. Quick fact: While some positive or negative camber is good, too much of either is bad. For average street driving in my 2013 BMW 650i (w/M Sports package), I am experiencing excessive inside rear tire wear (excessive negative camber). road-car with a lot of camber to 'try' to get it handle well ; and yes it did do corners well ; BUT on a straight it squirmed constantly against the road-camber and would NEVER drive straight ; a cheap POS way to get 'handling'.The car ate Eleven tyres in four years ; even though I got the Boss to pay for elliptical-pins in the front to reduce camber.I have had cars since the 1970s and nothing has driven so badly. However, some drivers like it this way which is why they still choose to have negative casters on their vehicle. Start typing to see products you are looking for. 6 Causes of Engine Ticking (When Accelerating or Idling), 4 Bent Engine Valve Symptoms (and How to Prevent Them), 25 Reasons a Car Jerks When Accelerating (and Under Other Conditions), What Does a Bad Starter Sound Like? Steering is slightly easier than positive caster and marginally harder than a negative caster. Modern vehicles do not use negative caster. Too much negative camber results in compromised tire contact patch size under braking and acceleration, as well as shifting of this contact patch toward the inside edges of the tires. the S2000's tend to run -4-to-6, the craziest though was the Volvo C30 with -8 at the rear. If you try to modify the caster settings on your vehicle, make sure you keep the angular degrees of the casters completely symmetrical with one another. Is this caused by worn-out springs, shock absorbers and/or suspension bushings? Yet, too little caster will cause the vehicle to “wander” and make it feel unstable at high speeds. Hence excessive negative camber normally first manifests in uneven tire wear, with inside edges wearing much quicker than the rest of the tire. This can also be unsafe as the vehicle should turn as expected when the steering wheel is rotated. A backward tilt is positive; a forward tilt is negative. If you don’t trust yourself to do this properly, then have a professional change the caster angles for you. The side which doesn’t have much of a caster angle will be the side in which the car pulls toward. Coilovers – See Also: Symptoms of a Bad Wheel Alignment. Also, there was no power steering back then, so automakers had to figure out a way to make the steering wheel feel lighter for the drivers. – A P.O.S. Poor Acceleration: While you can take corners with a greater speed thanks to a negative camber your straight-line acceleration is going to suffer as a result. The negative caster set up was the only way they could pull this off. Why would they? Besides, a negative caster had trouble with stability and keeping on a straight path because the steering wheel often becomes too light and it is easy to jerk around. A slight amount of negative camber can increase the amount of lateral grip a car has at the limit, though too much negative camber can result in uneven tire wear, reduced grip, and premature tire failure. They exist on anything that has wheels on the bottom of it. Touring cars run high camber despite not having the downforce. Depending on the cause the negative camber, there a couple of different ways you can fix it. A symptom of negative caster is a sloppy or loose-feeling steering wheel (which is lot less common than a hard to turn wheel). any more than that, you're in retard land, If you just slow down a bit, these videos would be much easier to follow. What values should i check to understand if the camber is set correctly? Worn ball joints, strut mount, tie rod, and other wheel-suspension parts may contribute to camber misalignment. Variations by degrees of positive or negative camber may be the perfect match for some vehicles. When you look at the way newer cars are made, their internal structure and chassis cannot support a negative caster. Negative Caster. Related Videos: Facebook – Caster’s influence on tire wear. So, just make sure the vehicle that you want to purchase has a good power steering system, which is pretty much a given these days. I replaced springs and shocks on a previous 2005 9-5 Aero wagon and it improved the camber. would it be beneficial for nascar cars on oval races to have different camber settings between left and right? Caster is the axis at which the wheel pivots or turns. Unfortunately, you spent all your money on a rear-mounted LS3 V8 swap, and you are still using stock suspension. If one wheel’s caster is more positive than the other, the wheel will force the vehicle to pull in that wheel’s direction. Negative Caster By contrast, a negative caster can involve forward tilting, so that the rear part of your pivot point is more pronounced; this means that you can often turn your wheel further from a straight ahead position, which can help with banking and … If you were to make the mistake of miscalculating the angles of the casters on various wheels of your vehicle, then you will find that the car will start pulling more toward one side versus the other side.

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